Monday, January 31, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

My apologizes again on it being late. So today is the last letter of the normal alphabet, z. I am one of the "awesome" people who put a dash through their z's so if you don't, good for you but mine looks better. z.... zzz? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, oh sorry, it's not so late that I fell asleep on you just... yeah. Sleep is very important so (I'm being a hypocrite when I say this: GET SOME SLEEP!

Along with my advise I'd like to inform all those who care that I am no longer on Melissa's slap list for the reason I would be slapped (think Friday) no longer exists because I accepted the fact. I just need to duct tape my arm. Okay, here's my narrative!

Picture yourself on a stage, lights surrounding you and then out of the spotlight you see a faint blob... no, it is not Bob, but it is a letter, it is the letter z, sorrounded by the bright gorgous lights. Suddenly an angelic choir starts singing...

Okay, z isn't that important. I mean, sure it's an awesome letter but I might do a different thing next time it comes around.

So thanks to an anonymous tip, let's all sing the alphabet to the "Addams Family" song.
The alphabet *Clap Clap*
The alphabet*clap clap*
The alphabet, the alphabet the alphabet
abcdef-ghijklm-nopqrst-uv, wxyz (really fast)
the alphabet *clap clap*
the alphabet*clap clap*
the alphabet the alphabet the alphabet

Ha! I didn't even need to write it down to sing it!
How many of you guys know that the alphabet song and twinkle twinkle little star have the same tune.
Please tell me you did not just sing it to make sure.

Jasmine Crespo

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lucky 13

I think it is my duty to tell all readers that the spelling of Aninimous is quite intentional. To update all those who are confused I will republish a post previously titled "Reference for the Toast War".

I think that it may be wise to clearly state just who is involved in the Toast War. You know, as a sort of index/glossary/reference sheet. It's getting to be quite complicated.

First we'll list the 3 major organizations involved:

1. The SSS (Secret Society of Students) This seemingly evil society aims to get rid of all toast. They have been quite successful in both Antarctica and Australia, as well as Russia and Murray. They have many resources. Further goals are unknown.

2. The anti-SSS (anti-Secret Society of Students)* They only have one goal: stop the SSS. They are allied with the Penguin Police. Their successes have been few and far between. However, with recent successes over the SSS they have gained momentum.

3. The S of T (Society of Toast) This fairly new society seems to have one goal: protect toast. They don't necessarily oppose the SSS, but they are currently at odds. The leaders,
Taylor Josie and Isaac Erekson, are not directly connected with this blog.

Now let's talk about the people who matter:

1. Patrick Suanda- the mysterious mastermind behind the SSS.

2. Steven Pappas, Kevin the Driver, Henri Verdivekt (formerly known as Ron Petrese), the Marble Sail, Allie Neff-SSS members (not all are listed)

3. Aninimous-the penguin leader and co-founder of the anti-SSS; Patrick Suanda's arch nemesis

4. Santa Claus- agent for the anti-SSS; attempted to create a list of SSS members before being captured

5. Jessica Morpen-only other known anti-SSS agent

6. Isaac Erekson and Taylor Josie- co-founders and leaders of the S of T

7. The Jellyfish Ambassador-a mysterious person who leads an army of jellyfish army; does not have any clear affiliation

8. >:D-SSS affiliate that seems to have disappeared

9. Jasmine Crespo-a thus far neutral person, who may play a larger role in the conflict in the near future.

10. Peter Rosen-the co-founder of the anti-SSS; he left the anti-SSS because of frustration with its performance; previous arch-nemesis of Patrick Suanda; slightly leaning toward the S of T, although unlikely to join

*Sometimes called Save All Toast (SAT)

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Peter Rosen

Friday, January 28, 2011

You Have a Problem

Hello and welcome.
Today I have some bad news to report. First off, Jasmine (The real one... I think) has joined the SSS. As you all know we have lost a possible agent and is a terrible loss.
In other news, the out of the 21 agents we captured on Tuesday, we finally got one of them to talk. He told us all of what Patrick previous plan was to destroy the toast in Murray, although we had guessed much of it. We had finally seemed to be getting somewhere and it seemed like we could get the advantage. The agent, whose name we found out was Cody, was just about to tell us what he knew about the next scheme, when all of a sudden, the window in the room broke and a dart flew right into Cody's neck, and he died from poison. As I looked up, I saw two people, one I recognized to be Patrick Suanda and the other to be one of his goons. I whipped out my taser and shot at Patrick, but it missed and caught Patrick's henchman. Patrick shot another poison dart into the guys neck so he couldn't talk, and ran away. Obviously Patrick did not want to let us hear what Cody was just about to tell us, and shot him before he had the chance. This is a very tragic loss for us, but I am sure that Patrick will not escape next time.
So long for now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Hello my faithful (or not so faithful0 readers. I am truly sorry that this post is so late but I got distracted with makeup work and I almost went to bed without posting. So what is it today, y? Oh okay. For the sake of predictability I will do this:

A delicious food item that is consumed for breakfast, lunch... and maybe dinner depending on what you normally eat. It comes in many flavors and can be homemade.

Y is a letter that well... is a vowel? No it isn't... is it? I mean in elementary we we learned A E I O U and SOMETIMES Y but what does that make it then? A consavowel? A vowelant? A unique hybrid of awesome and superb design that defies all common sense? By the way next week I'm starting a new alphabet. Peter knows it... CABDEF... well that's just a hint. (Argue the point above)

For all of you who aren't in my math class, I am now an SSS member. I was thinking more of SofT but, who knows? I might quit the SSS in a week or so.

Good job to the HJH Music classes though! A busy week with District Orchestra Day and District Band Day all in a row. Well, one day after the next. I'm sure the Band concert was awesome even though I was not there to see it. (Sorry I had matters of my own to attend to.) Tomorrow is the Talent Show! Also, Honors Choir is leaving too. Talent Show! Many acts. I'm not saying anything more that I might regret. Well goodnight.

Jasmine Crespo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keepin' My Spark Alive, by Otdom Polson

Well, for starters, I should post blogs more often.
Second, I need to have more enthusiasm. 9th grade is really important, and I need to up my game. I can boost my spirits with some gaming (but of course!), but only after I have completed my assignments. That way, it will feel more rewarding. I do so love rewards, after all.
Third, I should make sure I am not stressed out. This does not mean I can just forget about anything, but rather, forget about the less important things. That way, my work will seem a lot easier and I can keep my sanity!

I am being honest here; it's easy to set goals. It's hard to actually achieve them. I must remind myself that school is for my benefit. School is not something that is forced on you; it's supposed to help you. I constantly forget this fact, but... I need determination. I need the will to succeed. Of course I won't stay on the right track all the time, but I must promise myself never to forget that I indeed have a future.

Lucky 13

I'm sorry this is late. I was just performing at the District Orchestra Day concert. Today I will continue with our discussion of world domination.

Today we'll talk about...

The reasons why world domination plans fail!...but I don't have time.

Here are five reasons:

1. Accident prone

2. Bad Planning

3. Stopped by a hero ('hero' is a relative term)

4. Self Destruct button

5. General stupidity

Post a comment on which one is the most important and why!

Peter Rosen

P.S. I will talk about this next time (I hope).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Have a Problem

Hello, and welcome to you have a problem.
I have good news. (Well, good depending of who you are talking to.)
Today the Anti-SSS has captured 21 SSS member. We raided another base, although not as big as the first one and captured the 21 members. It seems that they were going over plan for a new scheme, but the plans were incinerated before we got them. None of the are talking as of yet, but I am sure that I can change that. Cody, Lily, lets try ... ... ... ..., just try something. Well, I am to busy now to continue, so for now, that is all.

Keeping my spark alive by Victoria Weston

How I will keep my spark alive. I will keep my spark alive by keeping up on practicing my viola. I will study hard and make my school work a number one priority, hanging out weith good friends, and keeping my head held high.

Monday, January 24, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This morning my sister woke up, heated up a tuna fish sandwich, and burnt her toe on flying cheese.

26 Ways to Fail

Oh dear, I'm terribly unprepared today, well I was thinking about what letter it it today. X. X is a letter that is not used very often. I mean, when most people think about X they think about X-rays or Xylophones or Xoloitzcuintli. Okay, maybe not that last one. (Which is a breed of dog.) The letter X is the third least common letter in the English language. So, for the benefit of all of you reading (I think there are more than five of you now...) here are some words that start with X. (These are from Also some cool facts:
English adopted the letter X from Greek and Etruscan roots. You’ll most often find an X at the start of words with Greek origin. You’ll find the letter X used in other languages too, but mostly preceded by a vowel rather than starting a word.
The letter X is also used in English as a symbolic representation of a kiss. Legend has it that in ancient times, illiterate people signed their names with a cross or an X, and then kissed the signature to indicate that they approve and blessed their signature.

So I guess that just defies all common sense that a kiss would be an 0 because it looks like a mouth and an x is a hug because it has arms. Curse you Mrs. Thaker and your wrongness! (My 2nd grade teacher.) Here are the words:

Xanadu (n) - an exotic, luxurious place. This word comes from the poem "Kubla Khan" by Samuel T. Coleridge.
Xanax (n) - a pharmaceutical drug that is used to treat depression and anxiety.
Xanthic (n) - yellowish in color; having to do with the compound xanthine.
Xebec: A xebec is a special three-masted sailing ship used in the Mediterranean.
Xenolith (n) - a fragment of a rock embedded inside another rock.
Xenon: Scientists call xenon one of the noble gases. It’s odorless, colorless, and found in very small quantities in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Xenophobia (n) - fear or hatred towards foreigners, foreign countries, or anything foreign. Other related words: xenophobic (adj.) and xenophobe (n) (this one is kind of my favorite)
Xeric (adj.) - dry or desert like conditions; having very little moisture.
Xerography: The word for a process to copy documents is xerography.
Xerox: Xerox is the patented process for copying documents, and the name of a corporation. The word Xerox should never be used as a synonym for photocopying a document.
Xhosa: Xhosa is the name of the Bantu language, and a name for a member of the Bantu people of South Africa.
Xylem: Botanists describe the tubes within the stems of woody plants as xylem. The xylem conducts fluids up the plant, while phloem brings the fluids down.
Xylograph (n) - a wood engraving.
Xyloid (adj.) - resembling wood; woody.
Xylophone: A percussion instrument with wood or metal tubes struck with hammers.
XML: A computer language abbreviation for extensible markup language.

Is that enough for you? I'm sure it isn't. More words!

xantham, xanthams, xanthan, xanthans, xanthate, xanthates, xanthein, xantheins, xanthene, xanthenes
xanthic, xanthin, xanthine, xanthines, xanthins, xanthochroia, xanthochroias, xanthochroic, xanthochroics
xanthochroid, xanthochroids, xanthochroism, xanthochroisms, xanthochromia, xanthochromias, xanthochroous
xanthoma, xanthomas, xanthomata, xanthomatoses, xanthomatosis, xanthomatous, xanthomelanous
xanthone, xanthones, xanthophyll, xanthophyllic, xanthophyllous, xanthophylls, xanthopsia, xanthopsias, xanthopterin, xanthopterine, xanthopterines, xanthopterins
xylologies xylology xylols xyloma xylomas xylomata xylometer xylometers xylonic xylonite xylonites xylophagan xylophagans xylophage xylophages xylophagous xylophilous xylophones xylophonic xylophonist xylophonists xylopyrographies xylopyrography xylorimba xylorimbas xylosexyloses xylotomies xylotomist xylotomists xylotomous xylotomy xylotypographic xylotypographies xylotypography xylyl xylyls xyridaceous xyst xyster xysters xysti xystoi xystos xysts xystus xystuses

I tried condensing it but honestly it was taking forever. Well you now know a whole bunch more words so good night and enjoy life.

Jasmine Crespo

This is really me blogging so should I join the toast war even though Peter, Aninimous and Patrick lied to me?

3 Interesting Facts- Ciera Bradley (absent work)

-Heathcliff loves Catherine Earnshaw, but marries Isabelle Linton.
-She marries Edgar Linton because of his position and breeding.
-Not a love story but a book of revenge of a kid growing up.

3 Interesting Facts by Daniela Hernandez

  • Heathcliff is Catherine's lover and the antagonist of the book. Since she married Edgar, Heathcliff seeked revenge
  • Catherine is the protagonist. She's lovable and outgoing. She grew up with Heathcliff, but ended up loving him as a brother.
  • Hareton is one of the few with Heathcliff's respect and like. He's the only child of Hindly and Frances.
Sparks By Victour

Do all work
be more friendly
read more

Sparks by Dana

Sparks- Dana Soweidan
-I will let my true colors show.
-I wont care what people think.
-I will gossip less(:
-I wont listen to rumors or drama.
-I will stay focused in school and my work.

3 interesting facts about wuthering heights-Blake Harsh

1 the farm sits on a northern hilltop known as Wuthering Heights.

2 the entrance to the sitting room has a grotesque carving of a troll.

3There is a small spare room which Hindley considered turning into a parlour but it is not clear whether this was on the ground or first floor.

3 interesting facts about wuthering heights-blake harsh

Three Wuthering Heights Facts by Marissa Earley

1-Emily Bontes describes the land of Wuthering Heights as remembrance of the land she grew up in.
2-Heathcliff, the main character, lives in the mysterious land of Wuthering Heights.
3-Although Heathcliff may appear as a gentlemam, he disguises himself as the opposite through his speech and actions.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Interesting Facts About 'Wuthering Heights' *Ellie Dow*

Hey Guys! Ellie here to tell you about the 3 things I learned about Wuthering Heights. I thought it would be interesting to get my facts from the readers to hear their input and may I say, I was shocked at the output. 3 comments struck my attention the most and I would like to share them with you!
1) The first one was written by Tait's Edinburgh Magazine in February of 1848. This is what the review said:

"This novel contains undoubtedly powerful writing, and yet it seems to be thrown away. We want to know the object of a fiction. Once people were contented with a crude collection of mysteries. Now they desire to know why the mysteries are revealed. Do they teach mankind to avoid one course and to take another? Do they dissect any portion of existing society, exhibiting together its weak and its strong points? If these questions were asked regarding Wuthering Heights, there could not be an affirmative answer given...

Mr Ellis Bell, before constructing the novel, should have known that forced marriages, under threats and in confinement are illegal, and parties instrumental thereto can be punished. And second, that wills made by young ladies' minors are invalid.

The volumes are powerfully written records of wickedness and they have a moral – they show what Satan could do with the law of Entail."


"We rise from the perusal of Wuthering Heights as if we had come fresh from a pest-house. Read Jane Eyre is our advice, but burn Wuthering Heights..."


Ouch! That had to hurt Emily's feelings after she read that. To have someone write a review implying that they read the siblings book instead of their own in the person's review is harsh.

3) The final review that I'll be showing you was written by the Graham's Lady Magazine in July of 1848. Here's what they said:

"How a human being could have attempted such a book as the present without committing suicide before he had finished a dozen chapters, is a mystery. It is a compound of vulgar depravity and unnatural horrors..."


And I thought the last one was mean. To say such things about someone's writing is uncalled for. It's their book, NOT YOURS!!! BUG OFF!

Trying to light my spark

For the new term I really need to light my spark completely. I'm not talking about making it shine a little brighter, I'm saying start from scratch to come to my full potential and staying full speed ahead until the final bell rings on the last day of school. How do I plan on accomplishing such a process? Good question.
1. Come alive with those around me. Show people who I really am, even if they don't except me.
2. STUDY,STUDY,STUDY! I can't remember the last time I had a full night of note taking, reading, and quizzing myself for an upcoming test. I'm sure if I actually did, test scores and comprehension would come a lot easier for me.
3.Don't procrastinate! I'm THE QUEEN of this. It's my weakness and biggest flaw. I need to turn my minds setting from "Do it later" to "Let's do it now".
4. Go the extra mile, even if I'm out of gas. This sort of goes with everything in my life. Homework, studying, communication, friends, and family. I tend to back out, or take shortcuts through just about everything. I thirst for the actual satisfaction of completing something successfully.
5. Create BRAND NEW friends. Since the probability of me going to Murray High next year is extremely low, I hope to find the genuine people of Hillcrest, and stay in touch with them.
6. Schedule and Balance my days. Find the happy medium between my weekly episode of Teen Mom and the hardcore math assignment due the next day.
7. Write EVERYTHNG. Write about my day, what's bugging me, what made my day, things to get done, EVERYTHING.
8. Do things that make me happy. I'm not one for sports or musical instruments, but weights are lifted off my shoulders when I get a good laugh, hang out with friends, watch my favorite movies, or get lost in a good book.
I didn't quite make it to ten, but there you have it folks. I better get started.
-Brianne Johnson 5th period

Sierra Iams' Spark Plan

My spark plan for this semester is to not procrastinate and to get my work done on time and turned in. I also want to have a better quality of work, and feel good about what I turn in. This way I'll have more time to myself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Interesting Facts About Wuthering Heights-Maddie McMillan

1- Wuthering Heights is believed to be an intense love story, when it is really a story about the revenge that Heathcliff inflicts upon people because of love.
2- Heathcliff is in love with Catherine before she dies.
3-Catherine gets married to Edger but she really loves Heathcliff.
4-Catherine dies when she gives birth to her daughter.
5- Heathcliff pretends to be in love with Isabella to get revenge on Edger for marrying Catherine.
This book seems a lot like the Count of Monte Cristo. Revenge is definately one of the leading emotions in this novel. From what i've read, i'm excited to start it! It seems like an awesome book!

Maddie McMillan

Lucky 13

Nobody really said that they wanted to hear about world domination today, but I'm kind of feeling bad for myself. That means today's topic is world domination. For now, I'll give you a quick list of ways to reach that all-important goal. (This is provided by >:D.

1. Eat a Purple-Land Banana (though impossible)
2. Command legions of unicorns (also impossible, for same reason as #1)
3. Become a vampire (a true one) and mafia leader
4. Do NOT become a pirate
5. Control all *blank* factories. (plan in motion, cannot disclose)
6. Set up your own colony on the Moon under your own command and blow up the Earth.
7. Assassinate all higher-ranked people
8. Slowly establish yourself as "allies" to all foreigners
9. Get dragons for friends
10. Learn the art of Mindbending.
11. Obtain world-wide public sympathy
12. Take over chandelier production (long story)
13. Infest every organism on Earth to become a new body under your control

Enjoy the list? I certainly hope you did. It is certainly very informative, if you have the resources. I am personally involved in three of the above schemes. However, I am only using one in my quest for world domination. So I'll give you a few tips from my own personal experiences.

1) Make sure you have a plan. This is probably the most important tip I'll give you. If you want to achieve world domination, it is imperative that you understand the art of planning. Any of the above suggestions will prove unsuccessful without proper planning.

2a) Avoid attracting unwanted attention. Obviously this can be difficult with suggestion #11, but otherwise, it is a very good idea. The worst thing that can happen is for you to constantly have that annoying little hero bugging you all the time.

2b) If you are, or wish to be, a member of the Evil Genius Society, you will know that having unwanted attention is required. That leads us to tip 2b: Prepare a monologue. Every evil genius knows that they have to perform a 24 hour monologue before achieving any scheme for the scheme to count on the Evil Genius Society point system. Any good monologue should include at least 62.5 extra traps in case that pesky nemesis managed to escape the first one.

3) Move quickly. The best world domination seekers will have their plans in the planning and preparation stage for a very long time. Why? Because at some point you will have to strike in the open. More preparation means less time out in the open.

4) Become a hero. One thing that few outsiders seem to notice is that there are thousands upon thousands of schemes for world domination. They're everywhere. Good ones. Bad ones. In between ones. Everything. If a person truly seeks world domination, they have to stop all those other plans. Few people realize how many "superheroes" are really bent on achieving world domination. Which is convenient, because they often attract widespread public sympathy.

In conclusion, achieving world domination is not an easy task. It isn't for the faint-hearted or accident prone (one of the fatal flaws in many perfectly respectable plans). If you do seek this elusive goal, good luck. It's very rewarding. Oh yes, just to warn you, I often find myself becoming a "hero". I've become very good at it. And if you have a good enough plan, I might just pay you a visit.

Peter Rosen

P.S. I didn't really have time to edit this post, so comment if you see any mistakes.

Friday, January 21, 2011

You Have a Problem

Hello and welcome to You Have a Problem. Sorry about Tuesdays post, but I was busy with family in town. As promised, I am going to talk about my supposed scheme I discovered, and why my family hates me. Well, the scheme was a very cruel cruel trick. First let me talk about my family.
Being a penguin in my family, you have to live up to high expectations. The thing that you should know about my family, is that they are in charge of the Penguin Police. Yes, my family are the leaders of the Penguin Police. What you might not know, is that the Anti-SSS is not part of the Penguin Police. In fact, I was not allowed to be part of the Penguin Police. Well, let me go back a little more.
When I was young, a penguin in my family I was expected to learn certain things. I was expected to learn all about the Penguin Police, every member, and what every secret message was meant to mean. For example I know what Alpha 739423SR43 means and the difference between that and Alpha 739423SR44. Well, the problem was that I wasn't too interested in that. I was interested in food and cooking. I have always loved to cook, but that brings up another backstory, but I won't go into that. Well, my family was very disappointed in me and was not talked to for a year. Well, that was bad on its own, but after my family would talk to me, I went to my grandpa, who is in charge of the Penguin Police, to see if we could work things out, but as he was showing me all of the equipment, I accidentally shot him in the foot with a taser, and trying to shut off the taser, I accidentally increased the shock of it. Well, after that I was thrown out of my family and exiled for 5 years. After that, I started to get into the toast industry and everything that went with that. (The SSS was not around until later, or at least for as much as I know.) Anyway, I was finally trying to make things better with my family, and I made a feast for my family. All my family came, and we ate and had a good time until my cousin start convulsing on the ground and getting hives, and it turned out that he was allergic to the spinach in my salad, and he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Well after this, you can guess that I was thrown out again and I haven't seen my family since this week. Also there were many other accidents, but I won't go into those
Anyway, when my family came, they played a prank on me, and told me that all toasters had been eradicated by some sinister device, when I finally looked into this, I found out what my family was up to, and that was the end of that supposed scheme.
Well, I have explained everything so now I say goodbye.

A Grade Problem

It's 5:30. You have just arrived home from an activity with your family, and school is still on your mind. You know that you have a terrible grade in two of your classes, one in particular, and you decide to take a quick look at your grades to see how they were effected (I used a commonly confused word, by the way!). You slowly make your way to your computer, turn it on, and in the few minutes that it takes to load, you start feeling the dread come weighing on your shoulders. In all your life, you have always had straight A's, and even though it's just the beginning of the term, you are unsure of whether you can earn enough extra credit throughout the term to boost the grade from what could be a C-, to an A.
As you get onto the district website, click on the 'A+' sign, and log in, you are almost too afraid to click the 'Student Summary' icon, because the truth of your situation scares you just a small amount. Finally, wincing, you click down on your computer mouse, and what do you see? Nothing. That's right; absolutely nothing. Sure, there is your schedule, and your Choir and English sections have grades, but everything else is blank. In P.E., it says that you are missing an assignment, due today, that you haven't even heard of and know that you never were assigned, and in the two classes whose grades matter most, there is no information showing what your grades are.
You lay back in your seat, aghast that your teachers still have not updated your student summary. Don't they realize that your knowlege of these grades is almost more important than their own knowlege? Now you are starting to get furious, and wish to email the teachers about it, but then decide not to, because you know that there's a good chance that could only make things worse for you. So you resolve to write on the Honor's English blog about your troubles, and hope that others may relate to you. Why can I not have the choice to see my grades?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Sorry, sorry, sorry it's late. I kind of have an excuse do to the fact I haven't had a free second this afternoon to post. Oh well today is a lovely Thursday on a short week. Tomorrow is bowling and we just can all relax. The letter today is w. One friend in particular knows the recent history of Where's Waldo. Oh well, too bad. Today is Websites. Now, you are all familiar with the Web right? I hope so, otherwise I'd be worried how you are looking at this. Now Murray District has 10 Schools. Grant Elementary, Horizon Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Longview Elementary, McMillan Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Viewmont Elementary, Hillcrest Jr. High, Riverview Jr. High, Murray High. If you would take a quick look at the websites, you can easliy see which ones are the best. Personally I like Murray High's. This was just an interesting tidbit. Well I think we all need sleep so, goodnight.

Jasmine Crespo

My Spark Plan

My plans to make the rest of the year amazing is to:
*Not Procrastinate
*Always try my hardest on everything
*and To always be the best me
<3 Alysann Flower

Marisa B.'s Spark!

What is my spark(s) for this term? Well, here it is:
  • PRACTICE MY FLUTE so I can achieve a higher level of music.
  • Voice my thoughts more often.
  • Do something that is worth mentioning every day.
  • Live, Laugh, Love. Enough said.
  • Just keep swimming (this is figurative if you haven't guessed already and if you don't know what it means I will tell you: Just keep moving forward, there, I said it).
That is it, thank you for reading.

Spark - Brennan Clayton

  • I wont procrastinate.
  • I will keep moving on no matter what.
  • I will do my work with meaning and not just to get an A.
  • I will be myself:)

My Spark Plan Xander Summers

  • I will not give up.
  • I will never procrastinate.
  • I will face the problem head on.
  • I will spend more time on my schoolwork.
  • I will what is needed to spark my potential.

A New Spark

After reading this quote, I realized that, in reality, we all have something that we can change about ourselves to make us better. And if we cant see it then we need to look harder. Something that some of us may need to work on is maybe just smiling. As Ms. Lafortune has told us, this is the most depressing time of the year. Maybe someone who is struggling just needs someone to smile to make their day better. Thats just one example of many things we can to this year to "light the spark".
-Cassidy Nelson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spark for the new term...

This term I plan to spark this term is to not turn in any late work. It will not only help this year but it will also help set good habits for the future. It is a good place to start.
Daniel Powell
Period 6

My Spark

My "spark" for the next semester will to get work done early (to not procrastinate). I will also try not to do enough work to just get an A, but a thorough job on all of my work.
- McCall Mash

Spark Plan

My spark plan is to stay on top of my work, and to remember that I have homework when I have it. I'll try to focus extra hard in all my classes so that I will be ready for the tests when they come. I will not let sports be an excuse for why my work is late to any of my classes.
~Spencer Downs P.5

"Spark" Plan - Tessa Yates

My "Spark" plan is to perform my best in all my activities including school, basketball, tennis, etc. By doing this I will create a greater me and accomplish more. I will limit my procrastination in school and get work done quickly but also neatly. Procrastinating brings much stress and worry to my life and I hope to get rid of it. To keep my spark alive I will always be myself, never let people put me down, and believe I can do great things.

My Spark Plan

My spark plan for this semester will be to not procrastinate with my homework! It makes life awful and super stressful to leave things to the last minute. I want to be able to have time to myself as well as have quality time with my family and friends.

Kyleigh Cooper

Spark Plan by Jasmine Crespo

This semester my "spark" plan is to not let myself procrastinate as much. Procrastination isn't so much the issue but in order to keep my bright spark alive I will write what I want, express myself and not be afraid and have childish fears. No holding back. (Though I normally do this) Do whatever it takes to reach my goals.

Spark Plan! By: Zoe Brinton Period 5

My spark plan for the new semester would be to stay focused. I have to stay on task and not leave things to the last minute. It will make this semester a lot easier and more enjoyable. Having my spark plan will help me do better in all of my classes, not just Honors English. Part of my spark plan is to not let sports and my social life interfere with my grades.(:

Madelin Crapo- Spark Plan

My spark plan is to be on top of my work, try to get the most out of life and enjoy and appreciate the small things. I am going to be smart and know what my goals are. :D

Spark Plan Steven Pappas

My spark plan is to not procrastinate and stay focused on what I am doing. I need to do things when they are assigned and not wait. I just need to try and do my best

Keeping My Spark Alive By Janelle Leppink

I plan to continue to try my hardest, and to keep my head high no matter what happens. I want to have the courage to do the things that are right in my life. I hope to keep my spark alive by making myself a better person, at school, and at home. :)

My Spark Plan -Allie Neff 5th

My ultimate spark plan is to:

  • Not procrastinate when it comes to homework
  • Keep a positive attitude towards school
  • Not have any late work
  • Get a 4.0 for Term 3
  • Be respectiful to all of my teachers/peers

Uh.... Thanks for reading(?)

Spark Plan Taylor Tomlinson

I am going to try and stop procrastinating, and actually push through my homework instead of waiting to the last minute. Yeah, I'm really bad about that. I also need to stay focused on what I'm doing instead of getting distracted by little things. If any of you know me, this is going to be the most difficult thing ever.

My Spark Plan

My spark plan is to:

- Do my homework more

-Work hard to get all A's

- Try to reach all my goals

- Do something crazy off my bucket list

-Blake Harsh-

All Time Spark- Yvonne Wu

Reading those words, I could connect to it easily. Sometimes I feel as if there's no inspiration or feelings when I'm working on something, I feel as if I have no motivation for it. But I realize that to continue life in the best way I can, I must always make sure that fire that everyone has inside, is burning. Without this fire, there would be no exciting factors in my life. I could almost say, it's my "moxie" that defines me. The fire burning inside of you and that certain spark that creates who you are, is something that should forever be a part of you.

My "Spark" Plan by Stephanie Johnson

How I'm going to keep the spark going is to:

- Try my hardest to get an A in Biology

- Become more interested in reading

- Try to get straight A's this term, instead of just A-'s

All Time Spark Plan

My spark plan is to keep going forward with my head held high. If I don't do as well as I would have wanted, I'll just learn from my mistakes and change myself for the better; but for what it's worth, I'll do it right the first time.
-Savid Acuña

Just a Little Weather Status

Tonight is going to be in the single digits and FREEZING! The reason for this sudden change of weather this lovely January evening is because of the clear skies. There are no heavy clouds to block the fierce winds, and since it is the middle of January those winds, naturally, are going to be really cold. If you're doing anything tonight that causes you to go outdoors for even just a few minutes, make sure that you wear something really warm, or else you might just end up shivering so much that it looks like you're vibrating!
Normally, this is not the average thing I would post, but because I care about the welfare of all honor's ninth students, and i don't want any of them turning into frozen statues (like the ones in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe) please take heed of this word of advice. Have a wonderful, WARM, evening!


Lucky 13

Today I am going to talk about writing. I know it has already been talked about, but I like writing and, in case you haven't noticed, I have a really big issue with coming up with topics. You need proof? Really? *Sigh* Okay click here. Or here. Or you could just look for yourself. It's really hard to get those links up. Just saying...

Anyway, on to writing. The first thing that a reader sees is (usually) the opening paragraph. You usually want to draw people in with the opening paragraph. You want them interested in your writing. However, there are occasions where you instead wish to scare away all readers who are not absolutely committed to reading what you wrote (see above paragraph). Back to the original topic. It is highly suggested that you tell the audience just what you are going to talk about. You may also want to hint at the further contents. Of course, you could be absolutely explicit about what you will be writing about, and that's fine too. (i.e. thesis statements)

Whew! This is getting kind of technical. I don't think I can handle this anymore. Although I must admit I'm proud of not mentioning world domination, toast, etc. thus far. Oh yeah I just mentioned it. Darn.

So because I cannot stand the technicalities of writing I will talk about...You know what? I will go there...

I would write more, but I'm out of space. Curse you paragraph that is filled with technicalities!
Peter Rosen
P.S. If you're really that interested, just comment. If you do, I'll write about it on Saturday. If I have the time. Which is doubtful. Or next Wednesday. If I have the time...
I'll write about it sometime. Don't worry. I just can't specify when.

Spark Plan Peter Rosen

Basically, I will just keep moving forward. Even if it's hard, just keep moving forward. Stagnation is the only real thing to be worried about.

Spark Plan! *Ellie Dow*

My spark plan is to smile to bring others up, because even if I'm having a bad day, I know that I'll make theirs. In return, some may smile, and that little smile will mean the world to me and keep me happy. It's a chain reaction of happiness and sparks!

Spark Plan- Berkley Mitchell

I won't let my spark die out, I plan to keep looking ahead, and only looking back on the positive things. I will turn in my work on time, keep my head on straight, and always do my best.

Sparks Plan by Alison Carter

My "sparks" plan for this semester is to stop comparing myself to others and regretting dreams that didn't get fulfilled. Instead, I will have faith in myself and my abilities, and look towards all of the possibilities that await me. :)

Spark Plan- Berkley Mitchell

Sparks Plan - McKenzie Stauffer

My sparks plan is to take everything one day at a time and put all my energy into my friends.

Spark Plans- Maddie Olsen

My number one plan to achieve my goals is to believe in myself!

Spark Plan by Dallas Anderson

All actions in life have consequences. As a result, our inner "fire" can burn more or less according to the consequence. In our lives, we are constantly sparking the fire inside us. My plan is to build up a nest that will catch sparks in order to start a fire. My plan is to get all of my homework in on time and to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the next two terms.

Spark Blake Brockbank

My "spark" plan,
I need to "spark" my hard work and begin to put in my full effort in school and not in school. When I put forth my greatest effort, great things can happen.

Spark Plans- Danielle Mabe

My spark plans... Do good in school, stay on top of my grades, and do my best. I think that's what I need to work on the most. Not that I don't do good. Just that I need to stay on top of things.

My "SPARK" Plan: Amanda Johansson's "SPARK" Plan

My "SPARK" Plan: Amanda Johansson's "SPARK" Plan: "To help me in my success my spark plan is to: Try harder with my homework (Or actually do it sometimes).Not doze off in class.Not be lazy in..."

Spark Post- Alex Crowell

My fire has not dimmed, but that doesn't mean it can't or it hasn't before. I need to start taking action. Stop waiting for someone else to rip the veil off of my face. I need to stop walking and start running, and keep moving despite the obsticles that may come my way. I dare anyone to try stopping me. I need to learn how to whether the rain and the wind in a way of my own and realize that will only help my fire burn stronger. That the rain can only be temporary and my fire will be the one thing I can hold onto to keep me warm.

Spark- Savannah Weaver

I really want to do better the rest of the school year. I think last term was the worst term ever for me. It's not something I want to happen again.
  • I plan to stay focussed on what I need to do this semester
  • I won't let non-motivated thoughts cause me to slack and not get my work done.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Have a Problem

Sorry that this is so late I have had so much on my mind.
I think I have discovered something new, and it doesn't help that I have family in town.
Oh were should I start. Should I start on the new scheme I have uncovered, or maybe why so many people in my family hate me?
I know.
I won't start.
Explain all of this on Friday.

For the Keen Observer

Something is amiss
In this silly old blog
Like a princess's kiss
On a dusty old frog

Find what it is
And then you will see
How observant can you really be?

Look high and low
And near and far
It's not so hard to look for after all

And what is the point of this,
you may ask
I wish to see if someone can fufill this task

See if you are as observant as I
For now I will end with a simple goodbye.

Monday, January 17, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Sorry for being this late on a non-school day guys but, I still have a life. Believe me, when I don't, I will gladly post all the time. Okay, time for the letter V. No, not five, "V", as in vendetta. No, not as in vendetta as in Vicky. (And for those of you who are like my sister and think the song goes "Hey Vicky, you're so fine" it's hey Mickey. She hasn't gotten the fact that it's a girl singing to a boy and that the singer is named Vicky.) One of the suggestions I got today was viper (as in the snake not the car). By the way, suggestions can be made by calling or texting 801-***-****. Sorry that was mean. okay, the numbers in the middle are between 0 and 9 and they add up to 27. At least I did not get the suggestion Voldemort. Even though for a brief moment I thought about it, looked up a website, was freaked out by how badly people think Harry Potter is real, and rejected the idea. Honestly, I love Harry Potter, but some people treat it as if the characters are real and that Daniel Radcliff is a god among men. (Okay I am personally disturbed by what I just wrote so I'm moving on as fast as I can.) V for me is mostly for Venezuela. It's a country located at the top of South America. The reason I think of that mostly is because my Dad was from there. Caracas, Venezuela. (This also explains the Venezuelan button on my backpack). My Dad lived there for a big part of his life, in fact he lived there like 24 years. (?) He then moved to New Jersey and started learning English and eventually moved to Provo where he met my Mom, they got married, then had me.. blah blah blah. Sorry that space was like 3 years because he was 27 when I was born. My Mom said he had the worst accent too. Sorry, I'm blathering on and on when I shouldn't be. Venezuela is a beautiful place that I've seen a lot of pictures of. Okay now to move on just a bit. V: violet. V: Violence V: I don't want to write anymore words that start with v. VEGETABLES! Perfect. Vegetables are good and healthy things that are yummy and nutritious. As long as it's not in baby food form. Oh memories.... fear factor and me having to eat a whole entire can of baby food. It actually wasn't that bad. Valentine's day. Ooh.. that was actually random of me to think of now. One moment while I prep...

What? It's blue, I couldn't resist. Now I want you all to think back... back to Elementary school.
We all gave each other candy because it mandatory. You had a list of all the people in your class and you gave them each a "creative" store bought valentine with a popular cartoon character on it and a piece of mostly chocolate candies. (though some were nerds) It was almost better than Halloween! So much candy, and if you went to my elementary school (Moss not Lincoln) , we had valentine box competitions along with a valentine's dance. (obviously we were all 5th and 6th graders and we did not bring dates to this dance.) Somehow, always, there is the strange kid in the class who is very creepy and has an unhealthy and obsessive crush on someone. *Shivers* this is a very awkward/bad memory because on Valentine's Day, said child always goes over the top and gets a big and special Valentine for his "love". *shivers again* Luckily I was only the object of said child/s 3 times. (3 different kids in 2 different schools) One was Weston Smith in Kindergarten who had a complete obsession over me. Needless to say my valentines box had a lot of candy from him in it and a very cheesy, not well written (we were 5 and barely knew how to write our names) and handmade (the best kind). I only had to survive another week after that because he somehow transfered to the p.m. Kindergarten. The next was in 1st grade. (Somehow these were all around valentine's day. Must be allergies or something.) We were getting ready for our first performance of the school play. Due to some major brain malfunctions on my part I don't remember what the name was of it (plus the program we saved got burned, long story). Anyway, the part I got I got to sing 2 solos (which I don't remember anymore) and I had to hug Danny Young. I was fine with it, except for during our last dress rehearsal I finished my song and was about to hug him when he tried to kiss me. Do to the fact my father told me to do so if any boy ever tried, I punched him in the nose. It probably hurt me more than it hurt him. His nose started bleeding and he started crying really loudly, I didn't get in that much trouble, our teacher said that we just weren't going to hug anymore. I should've known he would try it though, because when he gave me his valentine that year, it was a giant heart with our initials on it. My mom thought this was all so cute. The last one was in 4th grade when a really weird kid whose name I didn't know (hey I was the new girl, give me a break) put a giant valentine in my box. He stalked me all of 4th grade until he moved away. See, when we are little, we have a twisted perception of valentines.

Saint Valentine's Day (commonly shortened to Valentine's Day) is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD. It was deleted from the Roman calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, but its religious observance is still permitted. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Yeah, we don't think of that do we? So I'll save some of this stuff for the actual Valentine's Day (which is a Monday) and try to finish with some part of my non-awkwardness left. We all have very creepy Elementary school memories so let's focus on chocolate, the greatest candy of them all.

Jasmine Crespo

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky 13

I'm busy today, so I'll repeat a previous article. To read it click here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here.

Good luck!
Peter Rosen

Friday, January 14, 2011

You Have A Problem

Hello and welcome to You Have a Problem.
I apologize about, Tuesdays post, but something drastic is happening.
I have found at that Murray is not making any more toast.
Restaurants no longer want any toast, or toasters to toast things! I have been talking to restaurants owners and such, and they say that people just don't want toast, or toasted things anymore. For example at places like Eistein's Bagels, when someone asks for a bagel, the worker asks if they want it toasted and the person says that they hate toast, and toasted things. Now one or two of these wouldn't matter, but when give or take 100 people do this at many restaurants, this really makes an impact. Patrick Suanda has been very smart with this scheme. Even though many restaurant don't serve toast, and toasted things, some restaurants still do, and you can still have toast at home.
Patrick, you have won this time, but I promise, you will not succeed next time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Guess what? It's late! Sorry but well... was busy, then lost track of time, started watching a musical and then ended up posting right now. I'm kinda stuck for the subject of "U" so rather than getting into an argument over the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, I'm going to focus on something that happened today that was funny. (By the way if I were doing the U of U vs. BYU thing, BYU would totally win.)
Pictured is Miss Ellie, the world's ugliest dog. Sadly she is dead right now so...sad. Moving on. U is for (though it is a really weird topic twist) Ugly! Now first off I need a mental note. Excuse me for a moment. *Mental note: somehow get revenge on Joe for calling me a double bagger, Peter is forgiven because he just agreed and he apologized to me.* For those of you in seminary you should know what a double bagger is: it is a girl that is so ugly that you need a bag to cover your face just in case the one on hers falls off. Okay, that wasn't the point of the lesson it's just a funny joke. Now Miss Ellie is ugly, I'm sorry but if you can see that dog as cute- you must have worse eyesight than me. (Really hard to do....) Now since beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... eh, I got nothin'. Still, (sorry another mental note) *Ask Joe WHY HE CALLED ME A DOUBLE BAGGER!!!!!*
On the flip side, there are cute dogs too!
It was so hard to choose. They'wre so CUTE! Then I start twaking in a twilly voice and my heart just melts and they yawn and.... puppies! I love the fact that everyone talks to dogs in a baby voice! Even the toughest guy will break down and start cuddling with a cute dog and being lovey dovey and sweet and sigh..... See? Cute dogs are a whole lot better!

Surprisingly when I searched for world's cutest dog pictures on bing Miss Ellie showed up. I think some people were being sarcastic. Well, Today is my last post for the terms so:

Enjoy this last 26 ways to fail. Peter is moving periods and I'm going to be well.... in same 5th. I would reveal where my other friends/bloggers are going but that may give away their identities. So goodnight, sorry it's so late.

Jasmine Crespo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lucky 13

Now I'm not quite sure what to write about, so I'll try something new today.

You are getting very sleepy...

So very sleepy...

You feel like you will fall asleep when you read the word 'snap' again, but keep you're eyes open and keep reading...


When you read the word previously mentioned, you will wake up and you will click the close button in the upper right-hand corner. You will not remember what this article said, but you will remember that this was one of the best articles you ever read...


Peter Rosen

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Have a Problem

Hello and welcome to you have a problem.
Sorry this is so short and late, but I am really busy.
Nothing new to report so bye.

Monday, January 10, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Good evening and hello my faiThful audience. Today is a very TanTalizing leTTer, one ThaT appears very ofTen in senTences; in facT iT is used every Time you wriTE “a senTence”. CaTch on? Too bad. Today is T! (Again This is noT sesame sTreeT so There is no number ThaT This posT is broughT To you by .) Also sorry iT’s laTe. Today my Teenage friends and Teachers, we shall go Through a TriumphanT Tale of T. As you can Tell, I am using Tons and Tons of T’s. They are jusT TesTing me by Teaming up and going inTo my senTences. FirsT in This Tremendous Tale, we shall see a TorTured hero fall inTo oblivion wiTh a Troublesome TwisT. JusT Teasing. My real posT is abouT ToasT! Now, all of us on The blog know ThaT ToasT is a greaT Thing. IT holds The difference beTween all The cookies in The world! Those of you who don’T geT ThaT joke… you fail. ExacTly why you read 26 Ways To Fail! ToasT, ToasT, ToasT, ironic parT is I acTually had French ToasT for dinner Today. My sisTer ThoughT I was insane when I sTarTed laughing really hard aT This. Well basically all of you are up To daTe on ToasT. TurTles! Okay TurTles are Terrific animals ThaT are jusT amazing I love Them. I have had a couple TurTles in my life, Shelly I and Shelly II. Shelly I lasTed abouT 2 years Then she died. Sad yes, life alTering, no, I Think I was like 7 when she died. Shelly II lasTed longer, 7 years. She was an amazing TurTle. Once she climbed up my canopy in my room (back when I had one Marisa and Taylor ((Those who have seen my room))) and escaped from her cage. She crawled ouT of my room and jumped off The balcony. (My room is on The second floor and we have a gianT open space wiTh a balcony ThaT we dubbed The Romeo and JulieT perch.) She survived, only To have meT her demise when my broTher Threw her inTo The creek by my house while I was aT girl’s camp. His excuse was ThaT she looked dead and ThaT when he Through her inTo The creek she sprang To life and swam away. This was all lasT summer. Finally as an end To This Trio, TexTing. Yes TexTed is a word. If your argumenT is ThaT iT is noT in The dicTionary, since when do words ending in –ed end up in The dicTionary. Even Though my spell check Tends To disagree. The word changed in iTs meaning and iT has now Turned inTo a verb do To The Trend of SMS (shorT message sending) Trend. I hope This answers your quesTion Taylor Tomlinson. I’ve had Too much fun wiTh T’s. Here’s a TidbiT: B.A.R.B.I.E. sTands for Brainless Android Redefining Basic Image and ExTremiTies.

Jasmine Crespo

200 t's in this post

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lucky 13

I'm glad to see that Aninimous is back in the game. I'm also fine with the fact that Patrick Suanda's arch nemesis is Aninimous again. I'm not thrilled about how he announced it, and I still doubt that he could take on Patrick in single combat, but for now I won't do anything about it.

Anyway, the Jellyfish Ambassador is still a mystery. Patrick Suanda's identity is still a secret, and the anti-SSS is still failing to get the job done. I would say more, but I have to go.

Peter Rosen

And Aninimous: While you were storming the base with Patrick inside it, the International Toast Headquarters was wiped off the face of the earth. Sorry, but life has its disappointments.

P.S. I couldn't stop them because I was too busy defending toast factory 228737045. It was defended successfully, but there is still the problem of the ITH suddenly disappearing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

You Have a Problem

Hello and welcome to the REAL you have a problem.
As you all have probably read, I have infiltrated and captured 42 of Patrick Suanda agents. Patrick did unfortunately escape, but we will come to that in time. I have nothing new to report as of now. Although, Peter, I am taking back Patrick Suanda as MY arch nemesis. Sorry, but life has its disappointments.
Well that is all.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Welcome welcome welcome! Oh today is such a good day don't you think? So today on 26 Ways to Fail we will be doing S! For SSS, (also anti-sss, SofT and other organizations/personas. Please forgive me as I will be stealing info from another post.

"I think that it may be wise to clearly state just who is involved in the Toast War. You know, as a sort of index/glossary/reference sheet. It's getting to be quite complicated.

First we'll list the 3 major organizations involved:

1. The SSS (Secret Society of Students) This seemingly evil society aims to get rid of all toast. They have been quite successful in both Antarctica and Australia. They have many resources. Further goals are unknown.

2. The anti-SSS (anti-Secret Society of Students)* They only have one goal: stop the SSS. They are allied with the Penguin Police. Their successes have been few and far between. They are on shaky ground now that their top agent and co-founder has left.

3. The S of T (Society of Toast) This fairly new society seems to have one goal: protect toast. They don't necessarily oppose the SSS, but they are currently at odds. The leaders,
Taylor Josie and Isaac Erekson, are not directly connected with this blog.

Now let's talk about the people who matter:

1. Patrick Suanda- the mysterious mastermind behind the SSS.

2. Steven Pappas, Kevin the Driver, Henri Verdivekt (formerly known as Ron Petrese), the Marble Sail, Allie Neff-SSS members (not all are listed)

3. Aninimous-the penguin leader and co-founder of the anti-SSS; previously Patrick Suanda's arch nemesis

4. Santa Claus- agent for the anti-SSS; attempted to create a list of SSS members before being captured

5. Jessica Morpen-only other known anti-SSS agent

6. Isaac Erekson and Taylor Josie-co-founders and leaders of the S of T

7. The Jellyfish Ambassador-a mysterious person who leads an army of jellyfish army; does not have any clear affiliation

8. >:D-SSS affiliate that seems to have disappeared

9. Jasmine Crespo-a thus far neutral person, who may play a larger role in the conflict in the near future.

10. Peter Rosen-the co-founder of the anti-SSS; he left the anti-SSS because of frustration with its performance; current arch-nemesis of Patrick Suanda; slightly leaning toward the S of T, although unlikely to join

*Sometimes called Save All Toast (SAT)"

Quite a long quote I must say. Now this is not silly, it is of the utmost importance. Now most of us on the blog are in on this. So it is important. Hmm... well I didn't really want to elaborate much more. Also my brother needs to finish his book report so I need to get off. So to finish I'll post a random video that I took in 7th grade that I barely found, it was during spirit week so it's sorta weird and also I don't think the sound works. Good luck!
Okay so this is a really weird video and I'd like to point out that we all changed majorly from 7th to 9th grade. Especially me... *shiver* okay enough bad memories on to the video!

Jasmine Crespo
Okay that wasn't really enough content to be considered decent. So I will not be stuck on topics please suggest some that start with t. So, what is really going on with the blog? Here are some stats.
United States
United Kingdom

Page views in all time. Wow. That's amazing! And now I'm done.

Jasmine Crespo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lucky 13

I guess this means that Aninimous and I are now splitting the arch nemesis job. That sounds great! Anyway I'm busy today, so I'll just press enter a bunch and sign my name.
No seriously, I'm really busy. Sorry if you were expecting something better.
Peter Rosen

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You will click on this link and watch the video. If not, you will miss out on what it is like to have a cat as well as a chance to laugh your head off.
and here's another one if you want:
You can't resist clicking.

You Have a Problem

Welcome to what is now, NOT, You Have a Problem. This is now, Patrick Suanda, not that pathetic Aninimous. I have come to inform you that the end of toast is near, very near. I must admit getting here was fun. That Aninimous put up protections so that I could not post on here, but I was able to get past, and now I have rewired it so that Aninimous can't get on. So now that i am here, what should I talk about. Reasons to join the SSS, why I hate toast, what my master plan is. I think that I will talk about the first topic, but as for why I hate toast, the truth is... ah nevermind, you won't understand anyway. Anyway, reasons to join the SSS.
1. We are winning this war, so why be on the losing side.
2. We have money, lots and lots, of money.
3. We have just captured Santa Claus again, and you can demand many of the things you want.
4. We have already destroyed many places, such as Antartica, Australia, and some other small places, like Cyprus, New Zealand, and most of Russia. Also Murray is in the process of being destroyed as well, and if you have to, we can always take some... destructive methods.
5. We have a cool acronym.
6. We offer you fame and fortune.
Do I need to give more reasons than that.
You do not realize the true magnitude of our schemes. If you are alive to witness them, you will realize that you should of joined us when you had the chance.
For all of you undecided people. Think wisely before you choose.
Patrick Suanda
P.S. Something that I find amusing, is P.S. are my initials.

Monday, January 3, 2011

26 Ways to Fail

Failures. I deem you all failures. Not one entry in my contest. Was it REALLY so hard? I'm disappointed. I would yell at you all except for I'm too tired. R was for Rube Goldberg but, I guess now it's Roses. "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet" I love Romeo and Juliet (that's where that quote is from) Especially this scene. Well it's the big scene no duh. I also like the humor in the first scene because they (the two main servants darn I forgot their names) keep bragging to each other how they are such studs and how any maiden would fall over themselves for one of them. Okay on to roses. For those of you who don't know, roses are my favorite flower. I love flowers, considering I was named after one. (No we are not going into the Princess Jasmine thing at the moment). Roses are beautiful plants that are most often the symbol of love. There are many songs that have the lyric rose in it. One of my favorites is from the musical "Gypsy". The basic plot of this musical is that "Baby June" is a singer/dancer that is living out her mothers dreams and her "talentless" sister dances too, but in the background as a boy. Since this is of course the mothers dream and not June's, she quits and marries a background dancer that she grew up with. The sister (I hate that I can't remember her real name, it will come to me eventually) has to make a living. Now she's never had limelight so when she gets a job at a burlesque theatre, she doesn't really want to go on, but in order to get money she does. Soon she loves it and becomes Gypsy Rose Lee. Then her mother is depressed because now she can no longer live off of her daughters fame Gypsy gets a big ego. Finally Rose has enough of it and then starts singing one of my favorite songs, "Rose's Turn". If you listen to it it's pretty good. There was more to the plot of the musical but I don't really want edit it right now. Then there is Poison's "Every Rose has its Thorn" ugh.. Sorry but I don't really like this song, I know the words since my stepfather likes it but I just don't like the sound of it. Roses are used everywhere, like there was the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast. Lots of Disney movies have roses. But I know >:D has a problem with Disney movies. *Evil stare*
So unless there are any late entries I bid you all farewell.

Jasmine Crespo

Attack of the Cuteness!

Fear the Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel! They are not as innocent as they seem.
(By the way, I have escaped the Marble Sail!!! That's all for now.)
Marisa B.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reference for the Toast War

I think that it may be wise to clearly state just who is involved in the Toast War. You know, as a sort of index/glossary/reference sheet. It's getting to be quite complicated.

First we'll list the 3 major organizations involved:

1. The SSS (Secret Society of Students) This seemingly evil society aims to get rid of all toast. They have been quite successful in both Antarctica and Australia. They have many resources. Further goals are unknown.

2. The anti-SSS (anti-Secret Society of Students)* They only have one goal: stop the SSS. They are allied with the Penguin Police. Their successes have been few and far between. However, a recent success over the SSS they have gained momentum.

3. The S of T (Society of Toast) This fairly new society seems to have one goal: protect toast. They don't necessarily oppose the SSS, but they are currently at odds. The leaders,
Taylor Josie and Isaac Erekson, are not directly connected with this blog.

Now let's talk about the people who matter:

1. Patrick Suanda- the mysterious mastermind behind the SSS.

2. Steven Pappas, Kevin the Driver, Henri Verdivekt (formerly known as Ron Petrese), the Marble Sail, Allie Neff-SSS members (not all are listed)

3. Aninimous-the penguin leader and co-founder of the anti-SSS; Patrick Suanda's arch nemesis

4. Santa Claus- agent for the anti-SSS; attempted to create a list of SSS members before being captured

5. Jessica Morpen-only other known anti-SSS agent

6. Isaac Erekson and Taylor Josie-co-founders and leaders of the S of T

7. The Jellyfish Ambassador-a mysterious person who leads an army of jellyfish army; does not have any clear affiliation

8. >:D-SSS affiliate that seems to have disappeared

9. Jasmine Crespo-a thus far neutral person, who may play a larger role in the conflict in the near future.

10. Peter Rosen-the co-founder of the anti-SSS; he left the anti-SSS because of frustration with its performance; previous arch-nemesis of Patrick Suanda; slightly leaning toward the S of T, although unlikely to join

Just comment if I missed anything, just comment on this post. I hope you enjoy this reference. It may or may not be changed as time goes on.

*Sometimes called Save All Toast (SAT)

A Not-So-Subtle Reminder



Lucky 13

It is now 2011. Today we are going to examine Patrick Suanda (because he felt left out after Wednesday). We'll start with some quotes.

Various quotes

"We already have everything planned..." ~Patrick Suanda z

"I have money. Lots of money." ~Patrick Suanda

"If you like toast, then I am the villain. If you dislike toast, then I am the greatest ally that you will ever have." ~Patrick Suanda

"Number six is for destroying Murray." ~Patrick Suanda

"Execute Order 66." ~Patrick Suanda (This order dispatches students to capture and enemy.)

"It could be me, for some secret sinister plot I have." ~Patrick Suanda

"I have more and less agents than you think." ~Patrick Suanda

Weren't those fun? Now this is the part were I usually examine and explain the preceding
section, but for today, I will let you puzzle it out by yourself. After all, Patrick is supposed to be mysterious, and if I give you all the answers it would be ruined.
Peter Rosen I must admit Patrick, I respect your work, but I just don't take your side on the argument. We are heading directly to an ultimate showdown. Be warned, Patrick. I am preparing myself. You have no idea how powerful I've become, and since Aninimous doesn't seem good enough to be your arch nemesis, I will fill that spot. You may be rich, you may be powerful, you may be mysterious, but I don't fear you. The battle for toast is just beginning, Patrick. If you think your SSS army is enough to defeat me, it's not. If you think that you can outsmart me, you are wrong. If you believe that I am inferior to you, you are a fool. Remember Patrick, I am not defeated easily. If you consider this to be a threat, it is one. If you consider it to be a promise, it is one. I'm coming for you, Patrick. Are you ready?


I hope that everyone will have a great 2011.
All of us except for Patrick Suanda.